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Iterate and convert an XSS collection to hash in Ruby

I was working with a collection of elements in an XSS payload. Here’s the payload:


In order to work with this payload I first used Nokogiri to turn the payload into an XML document: document = Nokogiri::XML(response_string)

Then I passed that document to a class method that converted the values to a formatted hash that would be easier to work with. I used the css method to iterate ones over each field and then a second time to the entry field name and values for the hash:

def fields_to_hash(document)
  account_hash = {}

  document.css("fields").map do |additional_params|
    additional_params.css("entry").map do |param|
      account_hash[param.css("key").text] = param.css("value").text


I hope this helped you in solving whichever problem brought you here.


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