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Method returning memoized object is called with different arguments

I wasn’t sure what would happen if I called a method that returned a memoized object but that object that was memoized also used data passed into the method via a method argument so I created this test:

class NewClass
  def updater

  def update1
    p "test1: #{update_data("Admin review")}"

  def update2
    p "test2: #{update_data("Completed")}"

  def update_data(status=nil)
    @body ||= {status: status}
=> "test1: {:status=>\"Admin review\"}"
=> "test2: {:status=>\"Admin review\"}"

In the example above the NewClass object makes two calls to update_data which returns the object in question. Each of those calls passes a different parameter to the method, but the object does not get updated with the different data after it is memoized during the first method call.

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